Saturday, November 17, 2012

Under a giant orange umbrella

Look at the beautiful Quai St Catherine and what a good match our photo is!

Favourite mornings are spent here under a giant orange umbrella, eating fresh bread, butter, croissants and jam while sipping delicious coffee and watching the world go by.

Honfleur, vintage postcard
Quai Sainte Catherine
There can be no better place in France to start the day.  Even as autumn begins to chill the air and crisp breezes rock boats against the Quai, we choose to be wrapped up in scarves and hats on Quai Sainte Catherine to have our breakfast.

Quai Sainte Catherine today
Our best adventures have all been planned here; brave Chateau Falaise, Pierre Huet for delicious Calvados and Pommeau, romantic Coupesarte, the many steps of Mont St Michel, Bayeux's hilarious tapestry - did you know lots of the embroidered text is in English?  We have walked in the footsteps of WW2 heroes through the trenches of Maisy Battery, across the enigmatic beaches of Arromanche and met the SNAFU at Merville

Early morning view of our breakfast restaurant from the apartment
Our trips begin with the purchase of a picnic lunch; quiche lorraine, baguette and wicked patisserie! All from Olivier Deschamps in Dauphin Street, where the tall houses of Quai St Catherine have a second entrance, and owner.

The SNAFU Special!

Benedictine, Fecamp
Then on to perhaps the stunning Basilica at Lisieux, trimmed with a billion coloured mosaic tiles, or just a short hop to a tiny town like Blangy de Chateau, which doesn't have a chateau but does have a wonderful flower shop.  And the Brocantes!  Be prepared to come to a screeching halt as the magic word 'Brocante' announces a roadside sale of treasures and tat.

After an exciting day of pretty twiddly lanes, zooming motorways and wonderful Normandy discoveries we return happily to Honfleur, to snuggle up contentedly in a cosy welcoming restaurant and chat about our adventures.

We will be back soon, only one postcard to go!

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